Precision Exams Certification & COVID-19 FAQ's

We’re Here For YOU!

Our team at Precision Exams is here to help you and your students through this challenging time. Our Customer Support Team remains available M-F 7AM-8PM EST at 1-800-470-1215 or to help you in any way we can. Please find answers to current questions and concerns below.

Can I Deliver an Exam or Proctor Offsite?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible. Our exams are considered high-stake, used across the country for a variety of testing and funding purposes. All exam types (Pre-, Post-, Single) can only be administered where an authorized proctor is physically present and in the same location – not in a virtual environment. In order to protect the integrity of the exams, we must adhere to this standard.

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Precision Exams Proctor Agreement

Will my Exams be Available when we Return to School?

With unknown closure lengths at schools across the country, it’s difficult to predict when you’ll be able to provide a certification opportunity for your students. Our Customer Support Teams will work with you to adjust your exam delivery. All previously created exam codes will remain active at this time.

Reports and earned certifications are always accessible within our platform.

Can my Students Print their own Certifications?

There are two ways to help students receive their earned certificates.

  1. Click on the PROCTOR button next to the exam code within your proctor page. Select the student who achieved a passing score on the exam. Towards the top right of your screen, find Print: Select and choose Exam Certificate from the drop-down options. A .PDF copy of the certificate will then be downloaded to your computer that can be emailed to the student.
  2. Students may contact our Customer Support Team, M-F from 7AM – 8PM EST to request a digital copy of their certificate. or toll free 1-800-470-1215
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How can my Students still Prepare for the Exam to Earn their Certification?

Our Knowledge Standards are available online. Using these blueprints, you’ll be able to create a course outline and study guide to better prepare your students for each exam.

Visit to browse the National Career Clusters and exam titles that align best with your course.

Did you know that each of our Knowledge Standards include optional Performance Standards or hands-on skills?

These are career-related skills that your students may be asked to perform on the job. Encourage your students to study and practice using both the Knowledge and Performance Standards to be better prepared when certification testing is available.

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Do you Offer any Additional Resources?

Precision Exams has teamed up with educational partners to help provide you with content that supports and emphasizes our Knowledge Standards.

Some of these partners include:

Please visit their websites and follow them on social media for additional materials to assist with your instruction.

For additional questions and assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team at 1-800-470-1215 or