How do I create an Exam Code?

Proctors will create their own exam codes and then provide them to the students in order for them to enter the certification exam platform.

Check out our "Proctor Experience Video" or follow the simple step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Go to your state landing page: or (i.e.
  2. Click Proctor Login
Proctor Login

Enter you Proctor ID and Password

Under the tab My Exams > Exam List, identify the Add Exam button.

Exam Code 004

Within the Add Exam screen, follow the system prompts…

Exam Code 001
  1. Enter a Class Name - This is the name you will use to identify each of your specific classes.
  2. Select a class Period for the exam.
  3. Select a class Term for the exam.
  4. Select the type of assessment that you want to create an exam code for. Descriptions are provided for each assessment type to help you know which type works for your particular situation.
Exam Code 002

5. Select the exam you intend to give for this class. The list of exams is fairly long, so there is the option to search for an exam. You can search either for a specific exam name or by the exam number. 

6. Once you have selected the correct exam, select Create Exam in the bottom right.

Exam Code 003

Your Exam code will be a unique alpha-numeric 8-digit code that you will need to provide to the students in order for them to enter the certification exam platform. Along that same line you will see the Exam Name, the Type of exam selected, and the unique Class name that you created.

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