National Health Science Assessment (NHSA) - Frequently Asked Questions

This article discusses a large variety of commonly asked questions regarding the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) and their National Health Science Assessment (NHSA) powered by Precision Exams.

What is the NCHSE Health Science Assessment?

Where do Proctors or Students login to the exam?

Who can proctor the exam?

  • Unlike other exams offered by Precision Exams, the National Health Science Assessment may NOT be proctored by a health science teacher/instructor or any individual that has a direct vested interest in the candidates/students’ scores on the assessment

What is the cost of the assessment per student?

  • $12.00 per assessment for NCHSE member states
  • $15.00 per assessment for NCHSE non-members states

How do I create or get my exam codes?

  • Once you have completed the purchasing process you will be able to login and generate your own exam codes. Follow these simple steps: How do I create an Exam Code?

Is there a sample exam?

  • Yes, there are two versions of a 25-question sample exam. You can find a PDF version of the sample exam and associated key here on the assessment webpage under the resource link and on the Precision Exam NHSA link. You can also access a fully functional online version of the sample exam once you are registered and authenticated as a proctor in the Precision Exam system.

Is there a pre- (benchmark) and post- exam available?

  • Yes* Precision Exams provides a standard report that measures student growth between the Pre and Post NHSA exams. *Must adhere to local and state regulations

Is the test timed?

  • The exam is not constructed as a timed exam. For administration reason, the exam is set to time out after 90 minutes. Over 98 percent of candidates finish within the allotted time. Time accommodations are made for students with documented IEPs.

How much time does NCHSE/Precision Exams recommend for scheduling and assessment registration prior to the actual exam date?

  • Precision Exams and NCHSE recommend getting students registered at least 24-48 hours prior to the actual exam date.  However, last minute student registrations can also be performed by the proctor or student, by clicking on the “register student” button located on the student login screen.

Is it possible to administer the assessment over a series of days rather than one class session?

  • It is important to ensure that the assessment experience is consistent for all students throughout the country. Therefore the assessment must be initiated and completed during one class session.
  • The assessment can be scheduled over a series of days allowing different cohorts of students to sit for the exam.

What is the policy on “retakes”?

  • Students are allowed to retake the post-test as needed and will be charged at the same fee as the initial assessment. The policy for assessment retakes is determined by each state and not by NCHSE.

Are students allowed to use a calculator during the assessment?

  • Students may use calculators that are provided by the proctor administering the assessment. Students are not to use personal calculators or cell phones.

How often is the assessment reviewed?

  • It is reviewed annually.

What is the NHSA pass score?

  • The pass score for the National Health Science Assessment is currently 70 percent. However, the life-cycle for each assessment differs depending upon several factors including number of assessment forms, test volumes, exposure, and item rotations. For these and other reasons, passing scores are subject to change without notice.

How is the exam scored?

NHSA 2018 Passing-1
  • The total points for the NHSA is 111
  • The passing percentage is 70%
    Therefore the students must answer 77.7 of the 111 points correctly.

    Please reference the following information on the NCHSE website:

    The National Health Science Assessment is remaining current with testing standards that require critical thinking and problem solving. These differentiated test items may provide partial credit points or are worth more than one point per question. Thus the 2017 National Health Science Assessment validation has resulted in a revised test blue print of 104 test items with a total point value of 111 points. Careful attention must be paid to a students test results, (i.e. a total score of 70 does not grant a passing score out of 111 possible points) to alleviate misinterpretation of a student being granted a National Health Science Assessment Certificate of Proficiency. All newly revised 2017 NSHA Blueprint changes by standard are highlighted in red.

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