How do I pull exam reports?

Being able to access and use your data is a big part of using the Precision Exams system. Use the following reporting guide and call us at 800-470-1215 if you need help.

Reports Tab

  • Click the Reports Tab
  • Click View to the right of the report you wish to run and select your data parameters
  • Use reports that start with your state’s abbreviation (e.g., TX for Texas)

Proctor Window (Student Score Report)

  • Click the blue Proctor to the right of your test code to enter the proctor window 
  • Click Refresh in the upper left to get the most current data
  • View student performance, cut scores for the exam, and a summary of who earned a certificate in the proctor window
  • Print documents using the orange Printer icon in the upper right corner 
  • Select students by checking the box next to the student’s name
  • Student Score Report: Student view of performance, including scores by standard
  • Exam Certificate: Creates Career Skills Certificate with industry skills listed on the back.  A PDF document is created Be sure to print both sides of the exam certificate

For more details about how to use your data view Data–Driven Decision Making: Why It Works in Education